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Brothers and Sisters in Christ
High School aged Youth Program
Parents Section
BASIC stands for Brothers And Sisters In Christ. This is our junior high group. It's the place where junior highers learn about Jesus Christ, grow in their understanding of the Bible, and serve each other and their community.

We do this through singing, prayer Bible study, play and fellowship. Yes, the youth do have fun and discover that following Christ is actually exciting!

BASIC news coming soon!  If you would like more information about BASIC please contact us at (408) 377-0190 or oa@scvjcc.org.

HYPER stands for His Young People Exemplifying Righteousness. This is our high school group and yes, they are hyper!

This is the place where high school students learn what it means to sacrifice their lives to follow Jesus Christ. We sing, pray, study the Bible, play and fellowship with each other. We do many activities together such as rafting, retreats, horseback riding, and of course missions.

 In 2010, a group of graduating seniors, collegians and adults went to Kashiwazaki, Japan to do missions.  They helped with an English camp, did some manual labor, helped teach cooking, did a one-day Vacation Bible School and went to a public school to show and share the love of Jesus Christ with children and adults.  Of course, the weather was hot and humid, but that was a small price to pay for the opportunity to serve these people in Japan.

HYPER news coming soon!   If you would like more information about HYPER please feel free to contact us at (408) 377-0190 or oa@scvjcc.org.




Hello BASIC and HYPER parents! This space is for you. I hope to have monthly articles that will enable you to parent your children with more confidence. We will cover topics that pertain to your children such as movies, music, and current issues that your children face. Please follow the link to the respective articles that will cover a number of issues that your children face.

And for you teenagers, please remember these pages are for your parents, but if you should take a peek, feel free to discuss some of the issues with them.

Articles For Parents of Teens
August 2013 (PDF)
July 2013 (PDF)

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